When Was the Last Time You Believed That You Were Really On Your Way to Creating Your First Million?

If you’re like most women I talk with, it’s never happened or it’s been too long ago. It seems to be commonplace that women are scrolling through feeds or watching others create wealth for themselves while they are barely making enough money to sustain a quality of life and it’s

I speak to a lot of women who are struggling with confidence, comparing themselves to others, which leads to self-doubt. Many are on the verge of giving up hope of a bright future in business, and creating financial freedom. Some even feel they have to compromise their faith or womanhood to create wealth for themselves. All because society has placed a role on women that they never asked for, but many have accepted.


Listen, all of that ends today,
right now.

It’s time for a Revolution!

It’s time for You to walk into your true nature as a leader without losing your faith or femininity and while creating better relationships. Yes, you can have it all. You just need the support of a mentor to show you how.

Calling All Women…

Whether you are a mom, wife, grandmother, aunt, sister or friend, you no longer have to buy into the role that others have placed on you.

At PINK MILLIONAIRE CLUB our goal is to help you…


“CONNECT the DOTS between the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS”.




I love Dame Nicola’s mentorship because it has not only help me in my business, but it has also helped me in my personal life.

She’s been able to help me to achieve massive financial goals through her mentorship.  So, I already know joining the Pink Millionaire Club will take me to a whole different level mentally, spiritually and financially.

I’m super excited for what she has in store and I wholeheartedly endorse anything that Dame Nicola does!

Danekia Smith

Before being mentored by Dame Nicola, I was making money, but not clear on properly budgeting, saving and investing. Since joining, I am more focused and have learned to apply the PINKPrint™ system in my life and business.  I also moved into a senior position with my company.

I decided to upgrade to the Diamond membership and it has totally taken me to another level in business. I have strengthened my personal development and moved past many of my fears I didn’t even know I had surrounding money.

My financial knowledge has increased and I am in awe of the Money Mansion System!  I have secured the appropriate insurance policies and started investing in stocks and practicing the infinite banking system as well.  I am confident I am well on my way to becoming a Millionaire!


Danielle Carlton

Dr. Nicola Smith-Jackson, Thank you for such an Amazing journey to fill my dream of helping God’s People WIN… And for keeping me on my grind for Retirement at my age. Thank you Dr. Nicola Smith-Jackson for this amazing opportunity in the Pink Millionaire Club. I’m so glad your dreams came to light so it would shine on other PEOPLE.

Rushie Jones

Before I met Dame Nicola, I was living a life that was extremely “routine”. My money management was horrible to say the least. I paid my bills on time, and had some fun here and there, but I never saved or invested any money at all!!!

Once I became a client, I also became a Pink Millionaire Member. I have established a consistent savings and working on my Income Protection Plan.  Being under Dame Nicola’s mentorship has caused me to dream again and not just “dream” but I have learned to strategically work towards my dreams, so that they can become my reality.

Yesenia McArthur

Being apart of the Pink Millionaire Club has opened my mind, heart and spirit more than before to all that God has for me! My vision is getting clearer (I’m focused on disciplining my flesh to align with the vision). There have been few ah-ha moments for me. The first was to visualize daily for about 5-10 minutes and when I visualize incorporate how I feel along with the vision. I have paid closer attention to where I direct my time and energy. I am also no longer wavering in my decisions and say what needs to be said when it’s needed then keep moving on!

Lakena C Belcher

I started out as a Pink Millionaire Club Core Member and Dame Nicola helped me to change my way of thinking and develop a wealth mindset.  I stopped being scared of making large investments. Shortly after, I decided to bet on myself and become a Diamond Member which has been phenomenal!

I love the question and answer sessions held on Wednesdays. They have been nothing short of amazing.  Being a Diamond Club Member has truly changed my life and way of thinking in more ways than one. I was the average teenager not thinking too far ahead in life making some decisions as I go.  However Dame Nicola  put a halt to that.  I was not the best at saving and budgeting because I kept my eyes on shiny objects or my wants at the time. Nevertheless, showing up to class has been so rewarding to me and my personal development.

Through Dame Nicola’s wealth principles I have learned the importance of protecting, generating, and growing my money.  I am now more goal oriented and I have a better idea on how to make my money work for me to create generational wealth. Thank you so much Dame Nicola Smith Jackson for all that you do and continue to do!!!

Zeniah Miller

The Story

I have been an entrepreneur for over 25 years and for over the last decade, I have advocated and supported women who have wanted to change their lives financially. These are women who are seeking ways to increase their spiritual connections, improve relationships, learn and apply wealth secrets, so they can live the life they want and create their legacy.
But, many of them still seem to fall short or get stuck on their path and the truth is, for most women it’s not your fault.

There are many leaders and trainers who are teaching others how to become millionaires and quite frankly they themselves are not really millionaires and have no personal proof that the methods that they are teaching even work.
There are even some gurus who purposely leave important information out of their training; knowing these missing pieces are exactly what you really need to create your success. Crazy huh?

This is why I’ve created the PINK Millionaire Club. It’s the Revolution that will help you to get on the other side of money through heart and contribution and not through greed and negative competition. The world needs more power-house women with pure hearts and clean hands.

Although I’ve helped thousands to increase their income and start their journey to Creating Their First Million…there are still countless millions who need my help.
Will you stand with me, become coachable and work diligently to implement the strategies and techniques that I have used?
Continue onward and read this page to find out what being part of the Pink Millionaire Club is all about.. and why this can be such a game-changer for you…


You’re about to go on a Discovery
Journey to…


Create Your First Million Using My Proven Principles, Systems and Strategies




I will teach you lessons from my PINKPrint™ System, as well as time-tested principles and strategies I have learned throughout the years to build my empire. Not to mention the investments in personal and professional development that have far exceeded an Ivy League college education.

I’ve executed these strategies consistently over the years and they have helped me to create multiple streams of income, including a 9-figure business without losing myself or my faith. This has helped me to remain committed to making major contributions to the lives of others. You see, my purpose is to show you how to “Connect the Dots between the Haves and the Have-nots”.

The real secret to success is living through giving. You’ll have a real millionaire ready to support and guide you and you’ll be part of a group of women who want to see you WIN!



Are You Willing to Give Yourself the Opportunity to Leverage all of my Expertise and Success to Build Your Own Empire?


If Your Answer is Yes, I Promise You…

If You Follow Along With My Weekly Action Steps Over the Next 30 Days, You Will Get A New Result In Your Life and Business and if you stick with the process, you’ll experience a full transformation…