Creating Your  First Million
Should Not Be Difficult…

It can feel heartbreaking to see others create wealth while you’re barely making enough money to sustain a quality of life. You may…

  • Want to go to the top of your industry and become an influencer
  • Want to discover your inner power and purpose so you can stop living in fear and boldly pursue your goals and dreams
  • Not know how to create multiple streams of income without exhaustion and overwhelm
  • Want to know how to get out of debt and leverage credit to make investments
  • Struggle with confidence in knowing how to consistently show up and make an impact
  • Want to overcome money blocks and have a healthy relationship with money
  • Feel like you’re NOT being told the whole truth about how to be wildly successful with finances
  • Be tired of sacrificing precious family time in the name of chasing prosperity

All because society has placed a role on women that they never asked for, but many have accepted.

Does this sound like you?

Listen, all of this ends today…

It’s time for a Revolution!

It’s time for YOU to walk into your true nature as a leader without compromising your values, losing your faith or femininity and while creating better relationships with people and money.

Yes, you CAN have it all.

You just need the support of a mentor to show you how.

Calling All Women…

Whether you are a mom, wife, GLAMMA (grandmother), aunt, sister or friend, you no longer have to buy into the role that others have placed on you.

At PINK MILLIONAIRE CLUB our goal is to help you…

Connect the dots between the haves and the have nots while building wealth, freedom, and impact in your industry. Also allowing money to guide you on the path to your first million and beyond with beautiful life experiences.

As a PINK Millionaire, you’ll be able to…

Create an inspiring vision and design the perfect plan to reach your goals

Build a reliable and steady cash flow that will help your business grow

Become your own banker and create generational wealth

Invest with confidence in the future of crypto and stocks

Become a professional entrepreneur without sacrificing your family, faith or femininity



  • On-Demand Courses from a proven MILLIONAIRE that will boost your business and portfolio into profits
  • Members-Only Community
  • Coaching Hot Seats
  • Strategic Group Coaching Sessions
  • PINK Millionaire Book Club with Dame Nicola
  • PINK Milli App and exclusive in-app content
  • Success and Daily Habits Regimen
  • Create Seed Money for Your Business
  • Overcome Fears and Money Blocks
  • Exclusive Lenders List
  • Growth and Investment Plan Implementation
  • Hiring and Outsourcing Secrets
  • Create Your Sales Presentation Framework
  • Turn Your Social Media Into Cash Flow
  • Social Media Templates and Content Calendar
  • New Tools and Systems to Automate Your Social Media
  • Affiliate Program

All courses and resources help you transform how to

Make, Manage and Multiply


You get access to everything you need to have the success you’ve always wanted with your PINK Millionaire Club Membership

On-Demand Courses


  • PINKPrint Wealth Builder Course
  • Money Mansion Blueprint Course
  • PINK Millionaire Challenge Sessions
  • Millionaire Leadership Secrets Masterclasses
  • Money Mansion Blueprint Course
  • Vision Board Training
  • Choose the Best Business Model for Your Personality Training
  • Create Irresistible Lead Magnet Training
  • eCommerce Store Training
  • Book Self Publishing Training
  • Start A Family Bank Training
  • Present Like a Pro Public Speaker Training
  • Investor Training: Stocks and Crypto for Beginners

Bi-Weekly Coaching Sessions

I have a winning ticket. A wealth-building system created by me, for myself and others like you who want to win big! Join the PINK MILLIONAIRE CLUB where you will learn strategies from my signature blueprints- PINKPrint™ Wealth System and Money Mansion Blueprint™, as well as time-tested principles that exceed anything ivy league schooling could give us all together without holding back on my knowledge about personal or professional development.

If you’ve been looking for a way to make your dreams come true and be successful at the same time, then this is it. I have executed these strategies consistently over many years with incredible results—including creating multiple streams of income without losing myself or faith in what we’re doing! This has helped me become committed even more so than before towards making major contributions that will impact other people’s lives too; now YOU can use them as well by “Connecting The Dots Between Haves And Have Nots.”

Give up the struggle and let our community support you! You’ll have a real millionaire ready to guide your way as well as people from all over who are excited about seeing what successful women like yourself can do.

PINK Millionaire
Book Club

Join me as I share insights and inspiration behind my monthly book selections to help you gain the clarity, confidence and the cashflow you need to reach your goals faster, easier and simpler.

Digital Workbooks and Guides

    • PINKPrint Wealth System
    • PINK Millionaire Playbook
    • Vision Board Training and Digital Vision Board
    • PINK Millionaire Checklist
    • Social Media Content Calendar
    • Exclusive Lenders List
    • Close The Deal Scripts

    Join The Club With

    Three Membership Levels


    PINK Millionaire Club Gold


    Annually or $97/month
    • Monthly Business Group Coaching Sessions
    • Book Club with Dame Nicola
    • PINK Millionaire App
    • PINKPrint Wealth Builder Course
    • PINK Millionaire Challenge Sessions
    • Millionaire Leadership Secrets Masterclasses
    • Vision Board Training + Vision Board & Vision Movie
    • Success and Daily Habits Regimen (8-8-8 Cash Calendar)
    • PINK Millionaire Checklist
    • Social Media Content Calendar
    • Social Media 101 for Entrepreneurs
    • Free Canva Social Media Templates for Femme Bosses
    • Create Seed for Your Business
    • Business Credit Training

    Club Diamond


    Annually or $297/month
    • Everything included in the PINK Millionaire Club Gold Membership, plus…
    • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
    • Exclusive Content for Diamonds in PINK Millionaire App
    • Success and Daily Habits Regimen
    • Live Hot Seats to Quickly Transform your Business and Finances with Dame Nicola
    • Money Mansion Blueprint Course
    • Detailed Personality Assessment to Choose Best Business Model for You
    • Hiring And Outsourcing Your Business Support Team Training
    • The Smartest Ways to Fund Your Business
    • Exclusive Lenders List
    • Start an eCommerce Store
    • Create a Profitable Online Sales Strategy
    • Create Irresistible Lead Magnet Training
    • Create Your First eBook
    • Become an Influencer in Your Industry
    • Create a Branded Value Proposition with Clear Marketing Message
    • Close The Deal Scripts
    • New Tools and Systems to Automate Your Social Media
    • Business Growth Strategies
    • Leadership Secrets to Build a Sales Team
    • Overcome Fears and Money Blocks
    • Create Multiple Income Stream Plan
    • Start A Family Bank Training
    • Investor Training: Stocks and Crypto for Beginners
    • Succession Planning
    • Build Your Wealth Network
    • Get a Published Article (Fees may apply)
    • Affiliate Opportunity (Optional)

    PINK Millionaire Platinum Inner Circle


    • Everything included in the PINK Millionaire Gold and Diamond Club, plus…
    • Platinum-Only Community
    • Direct Access to Dame Nicola
    • Weekly Platinum-Only Group Coaching Sessions
    • Exclusive Platinum Content in PINK Millionaire App
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    • Google and Facebook Ads Training
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    • Advanced Tax Strategies
    • Learn How to Maximize Your Own Bank
    • Larger Business Credit Lines
    • Advanced Wealth Management
    • Growth and Investment Plan Implementation
    • Platinum-Only Cryptocurrency and Stock Top Picks
    • Create Client Packages
    • Book Self Publishing Training
    • Create Your Own Course or Coaching
    • Create Your Sales Presentation Framework
    • Present Like a Pro Public Speaker Training
    • VIP Admission Power and Money Conference

    It’s easy to become a PINK Millionaire…


    Become A Member


    Master the PINK Lifestyle


    Create plan that will transform the way you make and multiply money


    The PINK Millionaire’s Story

    Hi family,

    Dame Nicola here.

    As a dedicated entrepreneur and financial educator for over 25 years, I have worked with countless women who are looking to make changes in their lives. These shifts can be spiritual or physical – they’re seeking ways to improve all aspects of the human experience to live life on their own terms while creating a legacy!

    But, many of them still seem to fall short or get stuck on their path and the truth is, for most women it’s not your fault.

    One of the most common problems I see with entrepreneurs who are mentoring people who want to become millionaires is that they don’t have any proof whatsoever as to how their methods can achieve this. The truth? Even those leaders and trainers teaching others how “get rich quick” often struggle themselves financially.

    There are even some gurus who purposely leave important information out of their training; knowing these missing pieces are exactly what you really need to create your success. Crazy huh?

    This is why I’ve created the PINK Millionaire Club. It’s the Revolution that will help you to get on the other side of money through heart and

    contribution and not through greed and negative competition. The world needs more power-house women with pure hearts and clean hands.

    Although I’ve helped thousands to increase their income and start their journey to Creating Their First Million…there are still countless millions who need my help.


    Will you stand with me, become coachable and work diligently to

    implement the strategies and techniques that I have used?

    Continue onward and read this page to find out what being part of the Pink Millionaire Club is all about.. and why this can be such a game-changer for you…

    You’re about to go on a journey to discover how to…

    Create your first million using my proven principles, systems and strategies.

    P.I.N.K Life Blueprint


    Discover your prosperity path to become the go-to authority, build confidence and influence in your industry.


    How to create your first million through impact in your industry.


    Discover how to nurture and take care of yourself and others. Build up value and become the best you inside and out and apply the knowledge you learn to make power and money moves.


    Hire the best business and financial teams. Make the right investments for a balanced and profitable portfolio. Plus, how to attract more love and money while bulletproofing your brain to manage and multiply the money you make.

    Watch the  Free Training to Ignite your Vision